Depression in Men

Depression is a serious mental condition that can happen to anyone, regardless of age or sex. Men and women both might go through depression when they have difficulty in coping with the different negative events occurring in life. However, the fact to be noted is that men and women have different coping mechanism. Along with this, they tend to show distinct symptoms.

Orange as Iron Supplements

A normal human body requires 18 milligrams of iron each day. And, it also depends on needs and dietary iron supplies in a body. Actually, iron has two dietary forms- Heme and Non-heme. Heme present in meat is the most bio-available form and around 30 percent of it is absorbed. While Non-heme iron chiefly included in plants and is less soluble and only 1 to 10 percent is absorbed by the body.

7 do’s and don’ts for Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is an ordinary eye problem which can be easily treated following a few easy safety measures. It is an inflammation of the slight, plain layering of the white part of the eye as well as the inner layer of the eyelids. Though it causes no hazards to eyes, it is quite annoying and gets cured in around 10 days.

Diets to relieve depression

Depression can make you feel empty and hopeless like there’s no way out in life. The chain of upsetting feelings and thoughts will hit you in every bit. But you need not worry now when you can easily beat the nasty depression with stuffs easily available around you. Here are some amazing diets you can use to get away from depression.

Different Types Of Depression

Depression in people differs according to people and the environment they’re living in. There are several kinds of depressive disorders. The symptoms of various depressive disorders range from mild to severe.

a depressed man

Types of Depression

Following are the different types of depressive disorders:

Different Causes of Depression

Depression interferes with a person’s daily living, leaving him/her distressed, hopeless and helpless. Specific reasons that cause depression in people are still not known. Depression may be triggered by negative events like loss of a dear one, loss of job, divorce, accident and injuries, diseases and other such. Some people are more vulnerable while some may easily handle themselves.

Control Your Metabolism to Lose Fat

When your goal is fat loss you are advised to do cardio. You go for aerobics. Hit the treadmill. Endless cycling that will leave you sweaty. Countless skipping becomes your daily routine. You think engaging in weight training has nothing to do in your quest of fat loss. After all lifting only helps to increase your muscle volume, right?

Home Remedies to Treat Acne

Who doesn’t have acne as their biggest problem once in their lives? Acne problems are seen especially during teenage years however, any age group person can suffer from it. Acne breaks out mostly in facial areas but can also be found in other bother body parts. Having acne does not always mean you are unhygienic. They sometimes appear even due to stress and hormonal change.