8 Phobias That Destroy Your Love Life

Have you been feeling an itch seeing all your friends hanging out with perfect partners, but you’re just not able to? Well, why not check out some of the unusual phobias that might be keeping you off from going a step forward in your love-life.

Philophobia: Fear of Falling in Love

philophobia, love-related phobia

Some people may actually be away from any lovey-dovey action because they’re simply scared of falling in love. This condition is known as philophobia in which the person is very repulsive to any kind of emotional bond and love. It makes a person extremely nervous and even panic. As terrible as it sounds, it’s a sad reality for many out there. (To learn more, visit Philophobia)

Philemaphobia: Fear of Kissing

A person having philemaphobia is extremely scared of kissing, and even can’t bear to think about it. The person becomes abnormally anxious if any “kiss” is anticipated, and may quickly dismiss it. Kissing is one of the most adorable gestures of love. Without it, your love life would be like a deserted island.

Chiraptophobia: Fear of being touched

If you were thinking that getting scared of kissing was really gross, you’d be amazed to know there’s even a bigger version of such fear. Some people may not be able to approach anyone due to their fear of being touched. The “touch” may be a torture for them. A relationship is unimaginable if you’re one such “touch-me-not”.

Erythrophobia: Fear of Blushing

 Fear of Blushing

The person suffering with Erythrophobia is abnormally scared of receiving attention and blushing. The person is excessively concerned to turn a red hot ball in front of people. So, the butterflies and blushes may not be sweet in every case after all. An erythrophobic person may reject any blooming attachment, simply to avoid blushing.

Genophobia: Fear of Sex

So, you’re in love, and happy with someone. There will probably come the big day when you’ll have to give it all in. While sex is the happiest moment for many couples, it might turn into nightmare for many others. Some people may suffer from Genophobia which is extreme fear of sex. A genophobic person may be offended and unwilling to have sex. Of course, it doesn’t mean the love is not there. Talk with your partner if you think you have this kind of phobia.

Androphobia: Fear of Men

androphobia, love related phobia

Many women may be drifted away from any loving bond because they’re scared of men. The fear is directly related with seeing, talking or being with a man. It may not mean the woman doesn’t have feelings. But they’re just scared of the man and their “manliness”. (To learn more, visit Androphobia)

Gynephobia: Fear of Women

If women can fear men, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that men fear women too. There’s a phobic condition known as gynephobia in which the person is scared of women. In several cases, the fear takes a form of hatred. A gynephobic person avoids all situations that might need him to interact with a woman. A normal relation is out of the question here.

Gamophobia: Fear of Marriage

gamophobia, love related phobia

The biggest relationship disaster arrives when a partner gives a “NO” to marriage. There’s a strange phobia where the person is irrationally scared of getting into a marital bond. However, most gamophobic person is willing to stay in a love relationship, and even have a live-in bond. They’re just never ready for marriage. (To learn more, visit Gamophobia)