10 Facts About PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a nightmare for many. A thought, memory and flashback of the trauma linger around the head, and make you feel lost. You’re detached from the reality, and all you feel is sadness. You feel hopelessness engulfing your life, and find yourself helpless. All this distress results from a shocking and saddening trauma. However, PTSD is one of the most common depressions. Still many people are unaware about some of the surprising facts about this disorder.

Fact #2
Only half the number of adults suffering from PTSD actually go and seek appropriate medical help.

Half of those who actually go for treatment don’t even receive “minimally adequate” treatment .

Fact #4
At least 1 out of every 10 women lives with PTSD. The number of women to get PTSD is exactly double than men according to medical statistics.

60-80 percent of the young population going through trauma like a natural disaster, sexual assault and abuse suffer from PTSD.

Fact #6
1 out of every five US combat veterans suffered, are suffering or may suffer from PTSD. 1 out of every 6 US soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan has PTSD.

Fact #8
18 combat veterans commit suicide every day due to PTSD. This makes 126 suicides in a week and 6552 suicides to count in a year.

PTSD can not only be triggered by a thought or a picture. Even a relatable smell and sound can instantly bring in post-traumatic depression in people, at any time.

Fact #10
A person living with PTSD may enact to be happy and live in denial for several months until the condition gets noticed.