Orange as Iron Supplements

A normal human body requires 18 milligrams of iron each day. And, it also depends on needs and dietary iron supplies in a body. Actually, iron has two dietary forms- Heme and Non-heme. Heme present in meat is the most bio-available form and around 30 percent of it is absorbed. While Non-heme iron chiefly included in plants and is less soluble and only 1 to 10 percent is absorbed by the body. The main iron supplier in the diet include tea, red wine, nuts, grains, seeds, and cereals. These diets puts off non-heme iron from being well absorbed. But, above all, orange is considered major iron supplement.

orange juice for iron supplement

David A Bender, biochemist at University College London, recommended that we need to take up 25 to 50 milligrams of vitamin C in our every day meal to adequately improve iron inclusion in the body. He also mentioned that one 8-ounce glass of lately compressed orange juice has more than the required amount of iron. Also, a research article published in 2004, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating 63 milligrams of vitamin C with a meal boosts the iron absorption capacity in the body by nearly three- times.

How Orange as iron supplement is beneficial?

Cures Iron Deficiency Diseases

In order to prevent and treat iron-deficiency disease like anemia, iron supplements are much essential. Since iron plays role in oxygen transfer in Hemoglobin which is present in red blood cell, it is really essential for human body. Hemoglobin actually needs iron to firmly tie oxygen fragments, which are transferred to the body tissues as well as lungs. And, Orange supplies enough iron to the body which prevents Iron-deficiency diseases.

Reduces Blood Loss

Growth as well as blood loss in a body directly links with need for iron. Pregnant, menstruating women and children have high level of iron requirements than grown-up men. Iron insufficiency is also connected with diets high in phytates (antioxidant compound) and low in heme iron. One needs to rightly choose their diet having enough iron to prevent blood loss; especially, vegetarians and vegans, who eat slight to no heme iron comprised food. Most importantly, orange supplies sufficient iron to the body preventing loss of blood.

Vitamin C Found in Orange Maximizes Iron

Vitamin C as well as ascorbic acid is powerful to maximize iron and turns ferric iron into ferrous iron. To be more precise, it is orange juice that maximizes the level of iron in your body. Vitamin C present in orange juice boosts iron absorption. Moreover, drinking orange juice together with bread having peanut butter will help in speedy absorption o f iron in your body.

Maintains Stomach Health

Consuming iron supplementary food or drink reduces the risk of stomach pain. Also, drinking and eating foods and drinks with iron supplements prevents the stomach problems like-constipation especially, orange juice.

Alternative to Iron Tablets

In extreme cases, an iron tablet with orange juice can be very much beneficial to maintain the level of iron in the body. Yet normally, a number of people favor orange juice as an alternative.

Note: You need to consult with your doctor before taking up food to add-on iron. Excessive iron can be toxic, and those who do not have iron deficiency should stay away from taking the supplements.