Tips to Quit Smoking

Everyone knows smoking is injurious to health and one of the primary cause of lung cancer, yet, death count, as a result of smoking, has reached 5 million around the globe. Smokers are constantly advised by their peers, parents and basically every non-smoker in their life to quit. But, little do they realize that it is not as easy as it sounds. Every smoker has the experience of being constantly prodded by questions like, “What do you get from smoking? And why do you even do it?”

Tips to quit smoking

It’s not easy to quit smoking. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest sorts of addiction to get rid of. Quitting might be hard, but its not impossible. Here are some of the basic pointers to how you can get start to quit smoking. Getting nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes and even consulting a doctor is one thing, but, to really quit smoking one has to desire it from the heart. The person has to be ready to commit to it fully and fight the inner demon. If someone is willing or trying to quit smoking and doesn’t know where to start; these might be the best ways.

Change the Social Circle

Social ties play a significant role in forming habits. When you are out with your friends and colleagues all the time, you are more likely to catch on to smoking and drinking. Even if you are only an occasional smoker, you will eventually form an addiction due to the influence of the social circle. If you are really serious about quitting smoking, avoid the circle where you continuously smoke.

Keep Your Hands and Mouth Busy

When someone decides to quit smoking, they have to deal with withdrawal symptoms for weeks in order to be able to be comfortable without smoking. One of the first signs of withdrawal is with hands and mouth. The itchy feeling breaks all concentration and the thirst of smoke continues to rise. The best remedy for this is to keep you busy, chewing gums, candies, chips are useful. Grab a pen or a phone every time you want to smoke and fight the urge.

After Meals

Chronic smokers have the tendency to grab a smoke after every meal. While this might feel great for digestion, it forms an irresistible habit. You need to break the forms of habit if you want to quit smoking. Say no to cigarettes after meals. Resist for an hour or two at least.

Drink Less Coffee

Coffee and cigarette smoking

Coffee and Cigarette is an amazing combination, which is why smokers can never drink just coffee. As helpful as coffee is, for staying active and getting your work done, caffeine does not help with nicotine addiction. Once you give up coffee, you will instantly realize the temptation of a cigarette beginning to decrease.

Cut back on Alcohol

Even occasional smokers tend to smoke without rest when drinking alcohol. Alcohol alone is dangerous, and the cigarette and alcohol duo is even more harmful, not to mention the higher risk of addiction. Giving up alcohol might seem impossible in today’s world, where social drinking is often considered okay and even important to be seen as sociable. But, you should definitely cut back on the smoking when you are drinking if it has become a habit.

Stay Away from Smoking Areas

Even the signs that say, “Smoking Here”, tend to increase the temptation among smokers. And, it’s probably the first thing smokers search for whenever in parties or clubs. Stay clear from these areas and mingle with non-smoking friends.

Throw away Ashtrays and do not carry Full Cigarette Packs

Having ashtrays and full cigarette packs in the room is never going to be helpful. Throw away that ashtray of yours, and place a note their saying, “Do not smoke” or “I thought you were going to quit”, whatever works for you.
You might think you are being economic by carrying full cigarette packs. That is true if you need a smoke every half an hour. It only increases your temptation and works against your favor if you are thinking of quitting. If you have to walk a few blocks to get a smoke, the laziness alone will help you reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke in a day.