10 Weirdest Phobias You Never Imagined

Phobia is getting terribly scared of particular objects, people or situation without any sensible explanation. Phobias are disturbing and occur when you least expect to. In fact, it seems like human beings can get scared of almost anything in this world. We bring to you the top ten weirdest phobias that you never knew.

1. Venustraphobia: Fear of Beautiful Women

Beautiful Girl, Fear of beautiful woman, Venustraphobia

Beauty can be overwhelming. Studies show that a lot of men tend to put off from dating a beautiful girl and may actually feel traumatized. While some of you out there are just nervous, some may be actually having this bizarre phobia called Venustraphobia or Caligynephobia. Imagine someone getting petrified upon the sight of a pretty girl. Ouch! It hurts to be pretty.

2. Aurophobia: Fear of Finding Gold

aurophobia, fear of gold, fear of finding gold

If the dread of beauty was not enough, people could get scared of even more unimaginable stuffs. One such unusual fear is of finding gold or everything made of gold. It has been guessed that people suffer from Aurophobia after a gold-related shock. Wondering how can gold be causing any kind of trauma? Even we are.

3. Omphalophobia: Fear of Navels

navel, fear of navels, omphalophobia

This is another weirdest phobia one could have. As strange as it may sound, the fear of navels do exist. People having this phobia are extremely scared to see or touch their own navel, and can’t bear others’ belly buttons either. I bet you can’t stand Miley Cyrus if you’re one such Omphalophobic.

4. Chrometophobia: Fear of Money

chrometophobia, fear of money, money

While the world is running behind money, some runs away from money instead. Such odd kind of dread of having money is called Chrometophobia. People having Chrometophobia are very defenseless to losing and mishandling money. Wish on the wishing well that you find one such chrometophobic.

5. Papaphobia: Fear of the Pope

pope, fear of the pope, papaphobia

An Unbelievable amount of people actually fears the Pope. Yes, there are people having Papaphobia who are terrified of the pope and other saints as well. These people probably have a hard time going to Churches.

6. Nomophobia: Fear of Being without Cellphones

person with a cell phone, nomophobia, fear of being without cellphones

Oh dear Cellphones! These little gadgets have become inseparable part of our lives. We all get a little heart attack everytime we do not feel our cellphone in our pockets. But some people might actually pull it over the extreme. Nomophobia is such kind of fear of being without a cellphone, cellphone battery or network coverage.

7. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of Long Words

fear of long words, hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

Ah! I really hope you do not have this erratic fear if you’re aspiring to go for a spelling championship. This is the strangest fear one could ever get; the fear of long words. Ironically, the phobia’s name must be listed in the top ranking long words itself.

8. Sinistrophobia: Fear of Left Side and Dextrophobia: Fear of Right Side

You probably have Sinistrophobia if you feel uncomfortable with anything to your left side or someone who is a left-handed. But then, you might also have Dextrophobia if you fear anything to your right side. God knows the science between this left and right. But one thing for sure, many people really suffer from these weird fears.

9. Euphobia: Fear of Good News

Yes! Many people get scared of nothing but of getting good news. We all have heard how people dread bad news. But, nothing could be worse than someone dreading good news. It’s like a repulsion to happiness.

10. Phobophobia: Fear of Phobias

people being afraid of being afraid, phobophobia, fear of phobia

This phobia is the weirdest of the weird phobias that we could have ever known. Many people live on this Earth with a constant fear of having a phobia. Literally, it’s the phobia of phobias. Imagine people fearing to fear something. Too ironical to handle!