Causes of Body Pain

Body pain, be it constant or infrequent, makes you uncomfortable – bringing your life and work to a halt. Body pain may include muscles or joints pain. Muscle pains are also referred as myalgia which is extremely common. And, this is the outcome of too much tension, stress or physical activities. Joint pain may be caused because of damage to the joints from injury and can be really painful.

causes of body pain

Generally, body pain can be categorized into three types:

Acute pain – which pain lasts for 3 to 6 month and is associated with tissue damage;
Chronic pain – may be the result of an identifiable cause like- an injury or it may also be an aftereffect of an injury that has been cured
Neuropathic painwhich is normally felt after the injury has been completely healed yet certain nerves carry on sending ache messages to the brain.

Every one of us has probably experienced ache in his or her body. Some major causes which require medical attentions are:

1. Too Much of Physical Activities

body pain due to phisical activities

Excessive use of the muscle during physical activity like- climbing stairs, walking, dancing and so on causes body pain. Besides, using muscles, joints, or ligaments, for physical activities for which the body is not habituated or capable too causes body pain.

2. Medical Causes

Not all body pains are related to tension, stress, and physical activity. A number of common medicines like medicines for cholesterol are a normal reason of muscle and joint pain. Similarly, taking in medicines- for anxiety and depression, allergy medicines, ‘PPIs’ (Proton Pump Inhibitors), erectile boosting drugs, antibiotics, migraine and headache medicines etcetera cause body pain. All these medicines hold a number of side effects. One of them is body pain.

3. Stress

Excessive stress can make you sick, both physically as well as mentally. Stress may result in low energy and further result in body aches and stressed muscles as you become tired very soon. Besides, muscles tighten up if you are continually under stress and tight muscles are the source of back and shoulder pain, as well as body pain.

4. Damage and Injury

prior injuries

Body Pain can also be caused due to a particular injury that had been healed long time ago like – fracture, a serious infection, or even a surgery. However, there are cases with no prior injury and a lack of underlying tissue damage which too requires medical attention.

5. Changes in Exercise

When you are exercising, there is always a chance of hurting your muscles which results in cramps and muscle strains.

Muscle sprains, strains, and cramps because of exercise can cause severe body pain. You really need to be careful while exercising. You should not abruptly increase the intensity level of exercise or the duration of your workout. Also, you should not do strange exercises that extend rather than condense your muscles such as- walking downhill. Since changes in exercise habit can cause minute damages in your connective tissue as well as muscle fibers, you need to be careful while exercising.