Blood Cancer Symptoms

Blood Cancer is related with the growth of malignant cells in the bone marrow or blood, plasma and lymphatic system, which is popular as Leukemia, Myeloma, and Lymphoma respectively. Leukemia nurtures in the bone marrow which lessens the power of bone marrow to make blood cells – red blood cells, white blood cells, as well as platelets. Myeloma is a plasma cells’ cancer that makes the body powerless to fight with diverse kinds of diseases weakening your immune system. Myelomas generate a substance that weakens bones, and produce abnormal proteins that can cause symptoms in other parts of the body. Lymphoma is the growth of the lymph nodes which disturbs the body’s capability to fight with infections.

Blood Cancer Symptoms

These strange productions of blood cells block the blood from completing its functions, such as preventing brutal bleeding, fighting against infections and more.

Getting knowledge about the symptoms of blood cancer might help in prevention. Some of them are:

Weight loss

Losing weight is one of the main signs of blood cancer. Weight loss is caused by the growing cancerous cells that flatten your intestines, and suppress your appetite. You will begin losing weight slowly but surely, more than 10% of your normal body weight without doing any fitness exercise or changing your food habits.


Fatigue caused because of less energy in your body does not go away until you take proper rest. Because of the cancer, the counting of red blood cells lessens in the body resulting in less energy to fulfill the body’s requirements. Tiredness, in fact, is a significant symptom that can be noticed as cancer grows.

Easy Bruising or Red Spots of Blood

If you have blood cancer, you easily get bruises or you can notice small red spots of blood under the skin. Bruise is purplish colored patches that emerges on the skin when small blood vessels break. It has no clear reason, but research claims that it may be because of low platelet count.


Blood cancer can also cause weakness as you suffer from Anemia (lessening of the formation of red blood cell). Red blood cells actually transmit oxygen to stimulate all the body cells. Once you get anemia, you may start feeling breathlessness and start vomiting blood which is a symptom of blood cancer.

Injuries Take Long Time to Heal

If you suffer from blood cancer, even minor injuries take longer time to heal because of lessening of platelets. Some may also suffer from bleeding gums or abnormally heavy menstrual periods.

Unusual Bleeding

excess bleeding is a symptom of blood cancer

Bleeding is one of the major symptoms of blood cancer. Bleeding that persists for a long time, for instance, intense nosebleeds or vomiting of blood because of drop in platelets may be the symptoms of blood cancer.


In particular, cancer patients gets fever when blood cancer or when its curative measures start distressing the immune system. Due to the incapability of body’s immune system to fight against different infections, cancer patients get fever.

Seizures and Headache

Because of blood cancer, some may also suffer from headaches, and seizures. Seizures may be caused due to high fevers, serious infections around the spine or brain etc. You may also suffer from problems like loss of muscle control.

Night Sweats

Getting night sweats are common symptom of blood cancers. Nights sweats may be the cause of transformation in hormone levels because of the blood cancer. This symptom is especially associated with lymphoma.

Unexplained Body Ache

Because of the cancer you may also get an unexplained pain. Particularly, you will feel pain on your back and ribs.If you get unexplained, constant pain, or a kind of pain that heals yet comes back within 4 weeks then, you need to consult with your doctor since it may be because of the blood cancer.

The sooner you identify the symptoms of the blood cancer, it is easier to cure and more possibly the treatment turns successful. So, go for the treatment to the doctor as soon as you feel you may possess these symptoms.