Causes of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer starts when an abnormality occurs in the DNA of cells and this change is the source of the growth and division of cells at rapid rate. There are different types of stomach cancer like- Aden carcinoma (cancer in glandular cells), Lymphome (cancer in the cells of immune system), Carcinoid cancer (cancer in hormone secreting cells) and more.

There are no definite causes of stomach cancers yet, there is a link between stomach cancer and a diet you prefer like highly smoked, pickled and salty foods.

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Stomach Cancer Causes

Some of the possible causes of stomach cancers are listed below. If you have problem in stomach or some of the causes of stomach cancer matches your situation, be sure to check the symptoms of stomach cancer too.

Smoking or Tobacco use

The risks of stomach cancer multiply in case of smokers compared with the ones who do not smoke. The reason is tobacco smoke that is swallowed when you take a puff of smoke which reaches to your stomach. Then, a number of injurious factors in tobacco start damaging the cells living in your stomach. Therefore, the more you continue the smoking habit, and directly consuming tobacco, the risks of the cancer increases.

Unhealthy Diet

If you frequently take in foods like salty- sour pickled vegetables, pickled onions with spices or salted fish, or types of smoked meats, the risk of stomach cancer gets higher. Research has found that countries where these kinds of foods are consumed more are liable to get more risks of stomach cancer.

Age and Gender

In the UK, it was discovered that one in each five cancer related to stomach is due to smoking. And, you will have more risks to get the cancer as your age grows. The majority of cases take place in people who are over 55 years. Plus, studies also show that men have more possibility to get stomach cancer than women. Therefore, age and gender has some connections with cancer development and these risk increases more among smokers as well as passive smokers than non-smokers and also if you frequently take up diets which are salted, and pickled.

Helicobacter pylori infection

Stomach cancer may also be the result of infection caused by Helicobacter pylori, an ordinary type of bacteria. These bacteria may be risk-free in some cases. Yet, in a few people, this infection can be the source of stomach ulcers, frequent attacks of upset stomach or long-term swelling of the stomach lining. Along with these stomach problems, according to experts, these problems increases the risk of stomach cancer.


Those people have more possibility to get stomach cancer, if any close relative has the cancer. There is no clear cut reason for the multiplying risks of developing cancer because of heredity. But, experts tell that it may be because of some genes your parents transform in your body. Particularly, as per research, the risk in case of heredity expands if you are among the blood group A which you have inherited from your parents.

Anemia or Stomach Ulcers

If you are under different medical conditions such as severe Anemia or stomach ulcers then you are prone to develop stomach cancers. The reason is that your body becomes unable to make fresh red blood cells because of the disease.