Causes of Lung Cancer

Lungs brings in oxygen and exhales out carbon dioxide during the breathing process. The ultimate result to cancer to this organ is death. The cancer cells may grow in either part of the lungs: the windpipe, the major airway or the lungs tissue. There are actually three main types of lung cancer.

However, the causes for lung cancer for all there types of cancer are more or less same.

cancer tearing lungs apart

Major Causes of Lung Cancer


Smoking is considered as major cause of lung cancer. Initially, it causes scars and problems in breathing. Later turning into severe cancer. There are over 7,000 chemicals in a single smoke which causes lung cancer.The more you take tobacco and smoking, the risks of lung cancer manifolds. So, it is never too late to begin “quit smoking strategy” to reduce the risks of lung cancer. Every year, around 3,000 people die in USA alone because of lung cancer and more than 41,000 people suffer from lung cancer each year in the UK.

Passive Smoking

passive smoking causes cancer

Second hand smoking also causes lung cancer as you inhale smoke from other ’s cigarettes, or cigars. Though the risks of lung cancer among non smokers is not similar to the smokers this is also one of the causes. Research in United States, found that every year at least two out of five non smokers die from lung cancer because of second hand smoking.

Radon Gas

Radon gas is a natural gas that is emitted when radioactive elements like uranium decay. This is also the major cause of lung cancer. Smokers are more prone to the risks of having lung cancer as compared to non smokers. Radon gas actually makes its way via soil and gets into the homes through drains, pipes,or other several other openings and finally to the people living in.


The first child of the lung cancer patient more or less have the risk of getting lung cancer. This risk is higher for women than men. Similarly, the risks double among smokers than nonsmokers in case of heredity too. Approximately, 1.7% of lung cancers that comes up before a person turns 68 years are hereditary.

Air Pollution

Smokes and gases emitted by vehicles, power plants, industry etc develops the risks of lung cancer. When polluted air is gulped, different chemicals get into the lungs and affects it. According to the experts, effects of taking in polluted air is similar to passive smoking.


Asbestos found in thermal and acoustic insulation products releases microscopic fibers in the air. And when the air is taken in, it can remain in lung tissue for a lifetime which is one of the causes of lung cancer. Therefore, use of asbestos has been banned in a number of countries including USA.