Uterine Cancer Symptoms

Uterine cancer is the cancer of the female reproductive organ. In the USA more than 49,500 Americans suffer from the disease every year. One of the parts of reproductive system of women- Uterus is a hollow organ lying in the pelvis. It includes three parts – Top (fundus), middle (corpus) and bottom. Plus, the wall of the uterus consists of two layers- Inner layer which is known as Endometrium while the Outer layer is called Myometrium. The cancer develops after menopause, especially after 50.

symptoms of Uterine Cancer

Normally, cells divide and make new cells because human body necessitate them. When normal cells turn old, or get damaged, new cells replace them. At times this procedure turns out to be unbalanced. It is when new cells keeps on growing unnecessarily or when damaged cells do not leave. Consequently, these cells form a collection of tissue which is referred as- tumor. This tumor in the uterus sometimes become malignant (cancerous) while sometimes turns benign (non cancerous).

Knowledge of the causes of Uterine cancer might help in prevention

  • Endometrial Hyperplasia
  • Consuming Estrogen Only
  • Taking Tamoxifen and Prior Radiation Therapy

Visit Common Causes of Uterus Cancer for probable causes.

Here are some symptoms of Uterine Cancer

Vaginal bleeding or spotting

Uterine Cancer leads to vaginal bleeding between periods or bleeding after physical intercourse or even after menopause. The vaginal bleeding is normal during the menstrual periods or if the women is undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT). However, bleeding apart from these reasons need a treatment and you need to visit a doctor before the situation worsen.

Pain and Difficulty in Urinating

The pain or stinging or burning sensations are the symptoms of different medical conditions including uterine cancer among women. Some may even get blood in their urine.

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

A number of women may also get a bloody or watery discharge because of the disease. it may also be the symptoms of vaginal infection which may not be cancerous. The color of the discharge may range from pink-watery to brownish thick along with foul smell. So, immediate treatment is necessary if this kind of symptoms are seen.

Pelvic Pain

When a woman develops pain in pelvic especially during physical intercourse, then that may have been caused because of uterine cancer. You need to talk with your gynecologist about these symptoms as soon as possible.

You need to have a full gynecological test if you are having these symptoms.Most probably, they may not be the symptoms of uterine cancer, but that can be assured only after certain tests.