Home Remedies for Pink Eyes

eye suffering from conjunctivitis

An ordinary eye problem, conjunctivitis does not damage our eye. However, it is quite annoying and remains for a week to 10 days. Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) is an irritation caused by the inflammation of the transparent mucosa called conjunctiva that covers the white part as well as inner layer of your eyelids. It may be viral, bacterial or just an allergic issue.

The treatment for diverse types of conjunctivitis surely varies. Ophthalmologists draw on the phrase “pink eye” for viral conjunctivitis which is an extremely transmissible infection caused by several viruses. Nearly all pink eye is caused due to viruses.

Here are some home remedies for curing Pink Eye

Chamomile Tea bags

chamomile tea bags for pink eye

While suffering from pink eyes, Chamomile tea bags can be helpful to reduce the swollen eyes. Take a chamomile bag and dip it in a hot water. Let the bag cool for some minutes. Use the wet chamomile tea bags and keep it above your closed eyes for around 10 minutes. This will help reduce the swelling and also decrease the pain in your eyes.

Mixture of Honey and Milk

Mix equal quantity of honey and milk in a bowl. Absorb this mixture through a cotton swab and clean your eyes with the cotton swab. You can also drop some drops into your eyes to get rid of pink eye.


marigold for pink eye

Popular as an antiseptic as well as an anti-inflammatory flower, Marigold can reduce the irritation of your eyes caused by pink eye. Use the marigold flower after cleaning it and compress above your eyes for sometime.

Salt Water Wash

Salt water known as saline is considered good for treating pink eye. Boil a cup of purified water with a teaspoon of salt and put the drops of this solution into the eyes after it gets cool down. This remedy will help you counteract the problem and reduce swelling.

Jasmine Flowers

jasmine for pink eye

Soak some jasmine flowers in distilled water and put it down for overnight. Use the water next day as eye drops. This can be helpful especially for those who are having yellow discharges from eyes.

Frozen Black Coffee

Frozen black coffee can be helpful to remove conjunctivitis infections. Boil some pinches of coffee with a cup of water, and refrigerate it. The frozen coffee can help to reduce the irritation as well as pain.

Breast Milk

Immunoglobulin is an anti-body found in the breast milk which prevents the bacteria of pink eye from sticking with the mucosal part of the eye. Likewise, it restricts the development of the bacteria and helps to cure the infection.