Narcolepsy Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies

Narcolepsy is neurological sleep disorder where a person goes to instant deep sleep with prior notice of oneself. It can happen at anytime while the person is awake and may be doing anything like talking or driving, making it more dangerous. These sleep attacks can vary from seconds to few minutes. Besides people with this disorder also has the symptoms of having other sleep disorders like cataplexy and sleep paralysis.

man with narcolepsy asleep at work

There’s a price for everything – likewise to keep this disorder in control ‘the price’ of these changes have to be paid.

Make a sleep schedule

If you are having narcolepsy, you should make a sleep schedule. You can also include napping routine during the day. You should try to stick to the routine with strong devotion. You should always sleep and wake up at the same time every day with no exceptions. Try and get enough sleep during the night.

Take naps during the day

Make short duration schedule of 10 to 30 minutes for napping during daytime and follow it strictly. Do it according to the time feasible for you, so you feel refreshed and will not have sleep attacks.

Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol

avoid coffee for narcolepsy treatment

Sleeping problems are aggravated by chemical substances – nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, present in tea, coffee, cigarettes and any kind of other alcoholic beverages. So you should strictly avoiding these substances.

Exercise regularly

You need to exercise at regular basis to get proper sleep. When the body is physically tired, the brain send a message that it needs rest. Hence you can achieve a good sleep The exercise shouldn’t be heavy or hard but should be tiring enough to make you want to rest. Schedule the exercising time six hours before you go to sleep.

Have proper meals

proper meal for narcolepsy

Another thing you should keep in mind is the food you eat. You should not have heavy meals and never skip meals if you have sleep disorders like this one. The diet must be very nutritious, especially if you are taking medications. Don’t skip breakfast and have smaller meals at scheduled intervals through out the day. Foods containing protein, low carbohydrates, are very beneficial to keep this disorder in control.

Drink water

You need to consume a lot of water and not drink only when you feel thirsty. Keep on drinking at frequent intervals to keep your body hydrated and healthy. This will help you to have a good sleep cycle. Not getting enough water makes you tired and you will have difficulty in concentrating and staying alert.

Get help and tell your family/friends

letting friends and family know about narcolepsy

If you think you can not conduct any of the activities by yourself alone then you need to get help from people around you. If you get frequent attacks, you should have company while doing any physically staining works, while driving or traveling far. Tell your friends and family about your disorder so that they do not misunderstand your condition as being lazy and rude.

Stay active

Try to stay active physically throughout the day. Stay busy. Even if you have to do various works sitting in the same spot like using computers, you can take short breaks and walk around. You can even do some mild exercises to keep yourself active.

Don’t get stressed

Be organized and work in a planned way. Stress causes anxiety and can lead to sleep attacks. So don’t stress yourself for anything and get as much rest as you need.

Be cheerful and happy

Narcolepsy is just another disorder. You should not worry and stop living your life just because of it. You can use humor and company of friends and family. Continue your interests and hobbies. Listen to music and give time for other things.

Create a sleeping environment before sleeping

suitable sleeping environment

Dim the lights in your bedroom before you to to sleep. Get comfortable mattress and pillow and keep away from electronic devices such as television or laptops. Paint the walls of your bedroom to a pleasant color if you can. Good sleeping environment leads to good sleep.

Thus, these lifestyle changes and home remedies might help you have a better regular life along with the treatments which is a must for all kinds of sleep disorders along with narcolepsy.