Top 10 Most Common Phobias

Phobias are the abnormal and intense fears people develop for various things one could have never imagined. If you’re phobic and distressed about it, you can have a sigh after knowing that many phobias are actually very much common in people. You’re not alone and this can be a great motivation push. Know the top ten most occurring phobias in the world.

Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders

arachnophobia, fear of spiders

Any person can be a little nervous around these creepy spiders. But, a lot of people can be extremely scared of spiders. Even a thought, an image or a video of the spider can make the person panic. Such kind of intense fear of spiders is arachnophobia. 30.5 percent of the population of U.S is known to suffer from arachnophobia. That’s quite a number to consider. (To learn more, visit Arachnophobia)

Agoraphobia: Fear of open, public places

fear of open places, fear of public places, agoraphobia

If you’re unusually scared and uncomfortable with going out to open, public places like theatres, stores and marketplace, bridges, parking areas, public transportation or even through a road traffic, you might be having agoraphobia. This is likely to occur in every five out of hundred people. An agoraphobic person feels trapped in these kinds of public arenas, and always tries avoiding them to any extent possible. (To learn more, visit Agoraphobia)

Ophidiophobia: Fear of Snakes

snakes, fear of snakes, ophidiophobia

Unlike the general fear of snakes and snakebites, ophidiophobia is the abnormal dread of snakes, even when these scaly creatures are not present in real. One of the most common phobias in the world, ophidiophobia affects 10 percent of the global population. That makes it very popular. (To learn more, visit Ophidiophobia)

Cynophobia: Fear of Dogs

fear of dogs, cynophobia

Who could have known that people could fear even the cute dogs? Now, a cynophobic may find it offending because for them, these dogs are really not “cute”. Such kind of extreme fear of dogs is known as cynophobia. In fact, this phobia is really common and occurs in 36 percent of the population. Whoop! God save these people. (To learn more, visit Cynophobia)

Claustrophobia: Fear of Confined Spaces

claustrophobia, fear of confined place

It would definitely be dreadful if you get locked somewhere. But, many people need not to get locked in real to go through this fear. They can go through the same panicking once put in any kind of confined places like tunnels, caves, public toilets and even a small room. At least 5 percent of the U.S. population suffers from claustrophobia. This makes the phobia one of the very commonly occurring one. (To learn more, visit Claustrophobia)

Aerophobia: Fear of Flying

fear of flying, aerophobia

Another most common phobia that is likely to occur with anyone is aerophobia. It is the irrational and severe fear of flying or having an air travel. The person having aerophobia is extremely scared of traveling through airplanes, helicopters or parachutes. At least 25 percent of air travelers tend to have aerophobia, giving it a spot in the top ten most common phobias of the world. (To learn more, visit Aerophobia)

Acrophobia: Fear of Height

Another phobia that many people complain to have is acrophobia. People having acrophobia are awfully and overly scared of heights. Some acrophobic can be scared of only great heights like that of the Great Wall of China, or some others may be scared of even the second floor of a building. It’s estimated that every 5 out of hundred people have acrophobia. That covers a huge population in total. (To learn more, visit Acrophobia)

Trypanophobia: Fear of Needles and Injections

fear of needles, trypanophobia

Who wouldn’t feel a little anxious when the nurse is going to inject you with a needle? But there are many people out there who dread these needles more than their worst nightmares. This kind of fear of syringes, needles and injections is known as trypanophobia. At least 10 percent of people coming for medical procedures are seen to have this phobia, and 20 percent of those completely calling off any medical treatment due to the fear. (To learn more, visit Tryapanophobia)

Mysophobia: Fear of Germs

Fear of germs, mysophobia

There is always someone who is really conscious about washing hands anywhere you go. Well, this is not a strange anxiety. In fact, 26 percent of Americans are known to have this kind of extreme anxiety related with germs. Such type of unexplainable fear of getting contaminated with germs is known as mysophobia. (To learn more, visit Mysophobia)

Astraphobia: Fear of Thunder and Lightning

astraphobia, fear of thunder and lightning

To complete with the list is astraphobia. Not many people love the weather playing games with thunders and lightning. A lot of people are actually really scared and fearful of these lightning and thunder storms. Such kind of apprehension is known as astraphobia. It is known to affect at least 10 percent of the U.S population. This makes it another common phobia to exist on the Earth. (To learn more, visit Astraphobia)