Signs and Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa, commonly known as Anorexia, is an eating disorder where one has an intense fear of weight gain and this tends them to deliberate self starving and continuous, excessive dieting.

Here are 7 signs you might be suffering from this dangerous disorder.

1. Obsession With Body Size

Viewing yourself “huge”, “big”, “fat” even though you are already an underweight (i.e. As per your age and height).Obsession to have a leaner body which results in compulsive cut down in food quantity, calorie intake and heavy exercises.

2. Excessive Exercise Regimen

This is one of the initial symptom shown by an anorexic individual.They usually indulge in heavy exercises, excessive workout.The routine is strictly followed despite an injury, illness and even bad weather.

3. Refusal to Eat

The person refuses to eat despite being hungry. They tend to cut down food into tiny winy pieces, play with it more than eat and spread it all over the plate to make it look fuller. Also, avoiding a group meal, leaving the table early and making deliberate conversation to distract others from their plate can be noticed.

4. Taking Appetite Suppressants

The appetite suppressants as understandable by its name suppresses appetite. Few of its examples are: diet pills, water pills, diuretics(promotes the production of urine), laxatives(induces bowel movement to loosen the stool) which are commonly consumed in order to purge the food taken.

5. Withdrawal From Society

The anorexic patient prefers to stay alone and be left alone. They usually have a low self confidence or self esteem. The socializing nature seem to decrease. Isolation from friends, families are quite prominent.

6. Body Checking

Body checking is normal. But when this becomes too frequent, it might be a matter of a concern. There might be constant thoughts on body weight, body image, food eaten, calories addition, that leads to repetitive weight measurement like checking waist size, trying to fit into a smaller size clothes etc. In short, mirror becomes your new friend.

7. Physical Changes

The self imposed weight loss will make a body weak, sensitive to cold. The other physical symptoms are brittle nails, dry hair, scalp and skin, constipation, dizziness, amenorrhoea(absent periods) are commonly seen.