10 Best Home Remedies for Swollen Skin During Winter

A common problem, swollen fingers and toes during winter is known as ‘Chilblain’. It is small, irritating puffiness on the skin caused due to cold temperatures. They, in general, appear on the body’s outer parts like fingers, toes, heels, nose and, ears. Chilblains barely result in eternal harm and usually heal in some weeks if additional contact to the cold is suspended. Chilblains are in fact, the outcome of an unusual response to the cold.

Chilblains frequently increase after some hours of exposure to the cold causing a flaming and itchy feeling in the concerned parts. And, it can turn more severe if you walk into a warm room. The blood vessel which is narrower in cold skin turn wider when exposed to heat which causes swelling as well as itchiness in the skin. The skin may also puff up and get red or may turn into dark blue. In heightened cases, the exterior skin may crack and sores or wounds can increase.

Raising the affected parts will reduce the swelling. Staying inside a warm room and gently massage on the swollen area and follow these home remedies to help reduce chilblain.

1. Potato

potatoes for curing chilblains

Cut a potato, add some salt on it and apply it all over the chilblain parts.The soothing and anti-irritating factors in it will help in relieving the itchiness as well as redness.

2. Paste of Glycerin, Honey, Flour and Egg

You can prepare a paste with a tablespoon of glycerin, honey, whole meal flour and egg white which works as an insulation from cold. Apply it on the affected area and put it for a night and wipe it in the morning to lessen the chilblains. This is the most popular home remedy for chilblains.

3. Peppercorns

black peppercorn for curing chilblains

Crush some black peppercorns with a tablespoon of mustard oil and fry them up. Filter and apply it on the chilblains and massage. However, this remedy cannot be applied if you have bruised chilblains. Also, take a powder of peppercorn and fry it in mustard oil or you can also use sesame seed oil. Then filter the oil and gently rub on the affected areas of chilblains.

4. Marigold

Soaking the chilblain areas in a mixture of marigold flowers and a teaspoon of salt for some time will reduce the swelling.

5. Oatmeal Porridge

oatmeal porridge for curing chilblains

To get rid of chilblains, dip your fingers in warm oatmeal porridge or cracked wheat. This will provide you relief as well.

6. Onion

onion for curing chilblains

Onion is popular as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic.and a blood circulation enhancer. It is the best option to apply in the chilblain area. Apply the slashed edge of raw onion all over the affected parts and let the juice immerse into the skin which will reduce the itchiness instantly.

7. Warm Water and Salt

Soaking the affected chilblain areas in warm water mixed with salt for 10-15 minutes, and repeating it twice a day will lessen the puffiness and redness caused by chilblain.

8. Turnips

turnip for curing chilblains

Turnips holds lots of health benefits and is also considered as natural painkillers. Likewise, it is also used for healing wounds, reducing swellings and combating infection. Therefore, using turnips in chilblain areas is a good remedy.

9. Garlic

garlic for curing chilblains

Garlic is another option that can eliminate chilblains because of its antiseptic factors present in it. In fact, it can quickly reduce itchiness as well as inflammation and promotes instant healing.

10. Lemon

lemon juice for curing chilblains

Lemon can also be used as a remedy for chilblain. Squeeze the juice from couple of lemons and massage with it in chilblain area. This remedy can really help to heal quickly.