Probable Causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo crop up when the body fails to produce the pigment, Melanin, which gives color to your skin, eyes and hair. The pigment is produced by the skin cells which are referred to as Melanocytes. So, when insufficient amount of melanin is produced then you suffer from Vitiligo resulting in white or fairly lighter patches on your hair or skin.

causes of Vitiligo

There are two types of Vitiligo- Segmental (comes out only on one part of the body) and Non segmental (the most common one which appears all over your body). Researchers are yet to understand the definite causes for why the cells fail to produce color.

Probable Causes of Vitiligo

Auto-immune conditions

Vitiligo occurs when the resistance of your immune system is not in order and destroys the melanocytes in the skin. The disease arises because of the weakness or failure of natural defense system of your body. In some cases, vitiligo occurs when the body begins to attack your healthy tissues and cells rather than unfamiliar cells like viruses.

Melanoma or T-cell Lymphoma

If you are the victim of Melanoma, a kind of skin cancer, then you will have more chances of getting vitiligo. Cancer of the lymphatic system, known as T-cell Lymphoma causes the disease. Normally, Lymphoma is caused when cells called lymphocytes, a sort of white blood cell, develop and increase endlessly.


When different chemicals that are toxic to the Melanocyte are discharged from the end points of the nerves in the skin, then you may suffer from vitiligo, especially Segmental Vitiligo.


You may suffer from vitiligo, if anyone in your family especially close relative like parents or grandparents has the disease or if any of your family member has auto-immune conditions. For instance, the risks of virtiligo increase if your parents or grandparents had Pernicious Anaemia which is an autoimmune state that affects the stomach.

Exposure to Chemicals or Stress

You will also have a little chance to get vitiligo, if you have surpassed from stressful situations like childbirth. Similarly, if you have been exposed to industrialized chemicals, then this also expands the chance to get the disease. Besides, Koebner Response caused by severe cuts or sunburn also causes vitiligo.