Causes of Pimples

A pimple is an inflammation of the skin formed when bacteria infect oil glands referred to as sebaceous glands and they get filled up with pus. These oil glands become hyperactive, which actually causes pimple. The pimple starts approximately 3 weeks before appearing on the skin. It generally appears on the body parts like face, chest, back, and shoulders.

causes of pimples

There are certain factors that cause pimples. Some of the major causes are


Pimples start appearing when adolescence begins. During the teen age years, the body starts to make hormones called Androgens. When the sebaceous (oil) gland is triggered by androgens, it generates more sebum (oil). The hormones are the basis of the hyper activeness of the glands which leads to pimples. The quantity of sebum that human skin generates depends on hormone balance, which is time and again unstable, particularly among women. Androgens are also likely to increase and hence cause pimples during the menstrual periods and also during pregnancy.

Follicle fallout

Usually, dead skin cells in the follicle fall slowly and are dislocated on the surface of the skin. Some people have hyperactive oil glands and dead skin cells of those people fall more quickly. Ultimately, these cells blend with more sebum and make a cap in the follicle, disturbing the skin’s natural process of regeneration and causing pimples.

Make Up

makeup can cause pimples

You need to be careful before you apply your make-up on your face as it may result in pimples. Pimples caused by creams, makeup as well as lotions most commonly appear on the face, hairline, neck, and scalp. A number of people might also go to bed with oily hair creams or with oiled hair which too may cause pimples. Likewise, you need to be careful while using used makeup brushes as it consists of leftover makeup as well as bacteria which can lead to pimples.


The bacteria survive in every skin types. It is also a part of the natural oil formation system of the skin. On some occasions, the follicle is capped and pimple causing bacteria grow speedily inside. This causes the skin to show the chemical response that results in redness in the follicle and adjoining areas of the skin.


pimples are caused by inflammation of skin due to plugged follicle

When the skin gets in touch with unnecessary bacteria, it kicks in the response of the body through white blood cells which attack them but also inadvertently cause harm to the skin. The process is referred as the inflammatory response. This reaction is what causes pimples.

Extra sebum

The oil that is present in the inner layer of our skin makes way to the outer surface i.e. the follicle. When the oil gets fused with dead skin cells and ordinary skin bacteria, the additional sebum in the follicle boosts the chances of blockage which causes pimples.

These causes can differ significantly from person to person and understanding these issues can assist you find the most helpful solution to get rid of pimples.