6 Solutions to Get Rid of Swollen Gums

A common problem, swollen gums can crop up due to the range of reasons. It may be also accompanied by bleeding as well as bad breath along with the swelling which really makes you feel uncomfortable especially while eating.

man with swollen gums

The tissue that make up the gums is rubbery, thick and filled with blood vessels. Therefore, when gums are swollen, it may stick out or lump up and turns red from normal pink. Such bulging of gums causes irritation, sensitiveness as well as painfulness and results in bleeding while brushing teeth. Swollen gums can have several causes, like- gingivitis, nutritional insufficiency, infection or pregnancy.

Below is the list of 7 solutions to get rid of swollen gums:

1. Hot or Cold Treatment

Using warm or cold compress gives you a quick relief for swollen gums. Just soak a hygienic cloth in warm or cold water or ice and squeeze out the liquid and hold the cloth against the affected areas.

2. Salt

Salt is also helpful for swollen gums. Apply salt over the swollen gums as soon as you brush your teeth and gently massage your gums for some seconds. Wash it with lukewarm water. Trying this daily will help you get relief.

3. Tag Bags

Tannins contained in tea bags can be also helpful to reduce swelling of the gums. Jus dip a tea bag for around 3 minutes in boiling water. Then, remove it and let to cool down to a tolerable temperature. Compress the tea bag on the painful area for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Inflammation in gums can be also reduced using hydrogen peroxide as it helps in killing germs and fights with several oral problems. Just mix equal amount of hydrogen peroxide fluid with water and apply it around the affected areas. Make sure you do not gulp it. After keeping it for 30 seconds, wash it with warm water. You need to follow this remedy 2 to 3 times in a week.

5. Turmeric

As turmeric consists of curcumin, which, in fact includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. These properties help in reducing gums pain and inflammation as well as bacterial activities which may create further oral troubles. Just apply the paste made of turmeric powder and water and leave it for may be 5 minutes and then, wash it off. Following this 2 times a day will be really helpful.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a herb having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds that can put off the development of plaque-causing bacteria inside the mouth as well as relieves inflamed gums. Get the aloe vera gel after cutting it and apply it to the affected areas of gums and gently massage it for some time and rinse with warm water for best results.