Depression in Men

Depression is a serious mental condition that can happen to anyone, regardless of age or sex. Men and women both might go through depression when they have difficulty in coping with the different negative events occurring in life. However, the fact to be noted is that men and women have different coping mechanism. Along with this, they tend to show distinct symptoms.

men depression

It is normal for anyone to feel sad and distressed as a response to different life struggles and challenges. But, depression is never a sign of masculine deficiency. It can be treated efficiently through proper medications, counseling and therapies. For men too, the common symptoms of depression include feeling of extreme sadness and despair, withdrawal from family and friends and loss of interest in pleasurable activities.

Symptoms of Depression in Men

Some certain symptoms shown by men suffering from depression are:

Increase in anger

Men tend to take their ill temper, irritability and restlessness to extremes. This aggressive behavior is a built-in feature of men. When they are depressed, this behavioral trait is magnified. Depression may lead to violent or abusive behavior. Sometimes even professional health workers or counselors fail to verify this symptom as depression.


Men suffering from depression will try to escape and avoid any negative life situation as much as possible. They may show escapist behavior like spending more time at work without any productive result or playing sports beyond a normal healthy period.

Risk-involved behavior

Eventually, men suffering from depression can possibly start being involved in risky behaviors or daring tasks. These can be hasty driving, risky sports and games, substance abuse, fighting and brawling or unsafe sexual activities.

Tendency to criticize and blame others

While females are more likely to feel guilty and blame themselves during the depressed state, men differ in this. Men blame others and start disfavoring those particular people. Their ego is exaggerated when they are depressed. They criticize others and see other people worthless rather than themselves.

Inflated alertness and awareness

Depressed men show more alert behavior while females show more anxious and fearful behavior. They become extremely attentive to the things and people around the surrounding as a means to protect themselves. They tend to be watchful and guard themselves more.

Risks with Male Depression

  • Men suffering from depression are three times higher in risk to attempt suicide than women
  • Maximum cases of depression in men go undiagnosed and untreated
  • Elevated solitude and loneliness
  • Men may become more abusive and violent towards family, friends or neighbors
  • Aggressive substance or drug abuse and consequent health hazards

Does depression in men affect their sexual performance?

Depression makes men feel less positive about their sexual ability and body. Some may completely cut them off from sexual intercourse. Others may have sex but won’t feel the whole satisfaction like before. Some others may be involved in excessive sexual activities as a means to feel more confident and better.

Erectile dysfunction or having trouble in getting an erection is one of the recognized causes for depression in men. This may lead those depressed men to lose confidence in performing any sexual behavior. Antidepressant medications also diminish sexual drive and desire in men. However, after the depressive condition comes under control, the sexual desire and satisfaction is restored again.