Miscarriage Symptoms

Miscarriage is the discharge of an under developed or lifeless infant which usually takes place in the first 12 weeks of Pregnancy. It is also known as ‘Pregnancy Loss’ or sometimes ‘Spontaneous Abortion’. For a successful Pregnancy, the mother must be very much careful about the baby. She must pass on adequate amount of nutrients to her unborn child. If she is not careful enough, it might lead her to Miscarriage.

miscarriage symptoms

Some of the Symptoms of Miscarriage are:

Vaginal Bleeding

The most common symptom of Miscarriage is Vaginal Bleeding which may follow with or without pain. Bleeding in early pregnancy or in the first trimester is actually normal. But, when bleeding starts to go from light to heavy or if it still occurs in the second or third trimester of the pregnancy, it is perhaps the time to make an appointment with a doctor.


Cramp is a painful and uncontrolled contraction of muscles. During pregnancy, problems are defined by the degree of your pain. If the cramping level is moderate, there is no need to visit doctors. But if it doesn’t go away and is severely painful, you should consult your doctor.

Abdominal pain

The pain that you feel between your Chest and Groin is Abdominal Pain. Abdominal complaints and especially lower abdominal pain are pretty frequent during pregnancy. However, if the pain is irresistible and doesn’t go away, you must go see a doctor immediately.

Vaginal Spotting doesn’t stop

Vaginal Spotting is light bleeding. If the color of the blood is brown or pink, or what you see at the end of your period, or if the bleeding is not too heavy, it’s Vaginal Spotting. Vaginal Spotting is normal during the first trimester of the pregnancy but if the color of your blood turns bright red or if the spotting doesn’t stop, it’s best to go for check up.

Symptoms of Pregnancy stops

When you are pregnant, you might experience many changes such as vomiting, breast tenderness, feeling sick and et-cetera. If all those symptoms stop and if you feel less activity in your belly, it might be that you are looking at miscarriage.

Expulsions of Tissues

Expulsions of tissues are normal at the first trimester of Pregnancy like all the other symptoms above. But if it doesn’t stop, it might be a symptom that the baby’s life is in danger.

Going through miscarriage can be really difficult for both wife and husband. In fact, it is something thing any couple would not want. The above clarifications are some of the chief symptoms of miscarriage. Getting knowledge about these symptoms will let you know that there is genuine dangerr to your baby and take preventive measures since prevention is better than cure.