Coulrophobia Fear of Clowns- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Clowns may not be subject of laughter in actual. In fact, after the Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s “It” movie of 1990, even middle aged Americans were terrorized by the image of a clown. There’s a specific kind of phobia in which the person excessively and constantly fears clowns. This kind of phobia is known as coulrophobia.

Glossophobia Fear of Public Speaking- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

It’s perfectly normal for anyone to have the tummy going all mixed up and experience stage fright before a mass speaking activity. However, the nervousness subsides after a while, and they can face the mass. But, others are there who might be suffering from glossophobia.

Haphephobia Fear of Being Touched- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

One of the strangest phobias that can occur with anyone is haphephobia. It is a weird, and a rare type of fear of being touched by someone else. The person has a persistent and unexplainable fear that anyone would touch him/her. This is known as haphephobia.

Theophobia Fear of God or Religion- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Faith and spirituality may be an inseparable component of people’s lives. But the story may not be same for everyone. There are people who are extremely fearful of god and religion. The person may completely cut off from any activity related with religion, god and spirituality.

Gamophobia Fear of Marriage – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Marriage is a scared bond that binds two individuals together. While many people wait their whole life to be together forever with the person they love, the story may be different for some others. For some people however, the boundations of marriage are scary as hell. Any such irrational fear of getting married or committed is known as gamophobia.

Panophobia Fear of Everything- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

We live in this world, between numerous objects, animals and persons, and go through various situations in a single day. We survive by fighting and facing through all of the challenges that life throws at us every day. However, some people fear everything of these. This is one of the most strangest, yet vague kind of fear one could get and is known as panophobia.

Iatrophobia Fear of Doctors- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The world would just be unimaginable without the doctors who save thousands of lives every day. While their works and contributions are acknowledged by many people, there is another group who’d actually dread these life saviors in white coat. Such kind of irrelevant and intense fear of doctors is known as iatrophobia.

Androphobia Fear of Men – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Men and women have been living together on this Earth since ages. One ceases to exist without the other, just like day and night. However, some people, especially young females, can be extremely fearful of men. Such type of abnormal and intense dread of men is known as Androphobia.

Ombrophobia Fear of Rain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Many people are fascinated by rain, and love getting drenched. But then there are other groups of people who prefer staying indoors, and not getting wet at all. However, there are some people who are actually extremely scared of rain. Such kind of intense and irrelevant fear of rain is known as Ombrophobia.