Top 10 Most Common Phobias

Phobias are the abnormal and intense fears people develop for various things one could have never imagined. If you’re phobic and distressed about it, you can have a sigh after knowing that many phobias are actually very much common in people. You’re not alone and this can be a great motivation push. Know the top ten most occurring phobias in the world.

Chorophobia Fear of Dancing- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Have you ever felt like a lump stuck in your throat when someone asked you for a dance? If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, many people commonly go through an unexplainable rush of fear whenever asked for a dance. Such kind of irrational and intense fear of dance is known as Chorophobia.

Apiphobia Fear of Bees- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Bee stings can be really nasty if you get one. While it is perfectly normal for anyone to have an adrenaline rush whenever a bee comes humming around, many others might feel much more scared just by thinking about bees. Such extreme and irrational fear triggered by bees is known as apipobia.

Zoophobia Fear of Animals – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When weekends arrived, we have all excitedly waited for a trip to the zoo at some point during our childhood. While some of us might enjoy the tantrums of animals, many others might be unimaginably afraid of them. The extreme fear and dread for animals of any kind signifies zoophobia in a person.

Pyrophobia Fear of Fire – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Have you ever been scared of fire at a barbeque or while blowing your birthday candles? Getting scared of fire is a natural instinct, but if it’s over the extreme, one can have Pyrophobia. Pyrophobia has been derived from Greek word ‘pyr’ meaning fire. This is one of the commonly occurring phobias in people, which is signified by irrational and overwhelming fear of fire. In almost all cases, the fire is non-existing or possesses no risk at all.

Philophobia Fear of Falling in Love – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

People in this world long for someone to shower them with all the affection and love they could have ever imagined. Love is like a beautiful gift everyone wishes for. As much as falling in love is appealing, it can be intimidating for many others. Such type of unreasonable fear and anxiety that one would fall in love is known as Philophobia.

Mysophobia Fear of Germs – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cleanliness and hygiene are obviously major essentials in our daily life. Any normal person would be a little more alert while visiting a hospital or a hospice. However, for those having mysophobia, these feelings are all over their mind and body constantly.

Xenophobia Fear of Foreigners or Strangers – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

One of the common, yet strangest kinds of phobia seen in people is xenophobia. Whenever we meet people from a new land, it is difficult to open up to them easily. It’s completely normal to feel a little conscious around them. However, for many others, the anxiety associated with meeting a stranger can cause them great distress, a condition called xenophobia.