Common Causes of Uterus Cancer

One of the parts of reproductive system of women – Uterus is a hollow organ lying in the pelvis. It includes three parts – Top (Fundus), middle (Corpus) and bottom. Plus, the wall of the uterus consists of two layers- Inner layer which is known as Endometrium while the Outer layer is called Myometrium.

image showing parts of uterus and cancer cells

It is in Myometrium where cancer cells grows making blocks that build tissues. Normally, cells divide and develops as per the need. Old and damaged cells are replaced by the new cells. But when new cells develop unnecessarily, plus, when damaged and aged cells do not go away this process is effected. Consequently, these cells form a collection of tissue which is referred as- tumor. This tumor in the uterus sometimes become malignant (cancerous) while sometimes turns benign (non cancerous).

Checking the symptoms beforehand might be a lifesaver.

  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • Abnormal Vaginal Discharge
  • Pelvic Pain

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Although there are no such definite causes of uterus cancer. However, below listed are some reasons that increase the risks of the cancer:

Endometrial Hyperplasia

Endometrial Hyperplasia means an odd over-development of cells in the line of the Endometrium (inner layer of uterus) which increases the risks for uterus cancer. Actually, Endometrial Hyperplasia does not mean cancer, but it is what turns into cancer later. That is the reason, the doctors may suggest surgical procedure for removal of this oddly developed cells in the uterus or use the option of hormone therapy with progesterone to prevent the hyperplasia before it turns into cancer. It is mostly seen in women of or above 40 years.

Heredity and Obesity

Women having a close relative with uterus cancer are prone to develop the cancer – mother, grandmother, daughter, or sister. Also, if any women in a family have an inherited type of Lynch syndrome which also means colorectal cancer has more risk of having uterus cancer. Likewise, overweight women have more chances of getting uterus cancer.

Menstrual and child birth history

Also, menstrual and child birth history increases the dangers to develop uterus cancer. For instance, if a woman has not given birth to any child in her life, then risks of the cancer increase. Plus, if a girl gets her first menstruation before 12 years old and gets her menopause 55 years then this too heightens the chance of getting uterus cancer.

Consuming Estrogen Only

Consumption of Estrogen (female sex hormone which develops and regulates the female reproductive system as well as secondary sex characters) unaccompanied by Progesterone for many years as menopausal hormone therapy also expands the threat of uterus cancer.

Taking Tamoxifen and Prior Radiation Therapy

Women who consume medicine like Tamoxifen in order to cure breast cancer have more risk of getting uterine cancer. Plus, if she has received prior radiation therapy on the pelvis, then, she has high chances of uterus cancer.