Philophobia Fear of Falling in Love – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

People in this world long for someone to shower them with all the affection and love they could have ever imagined. Love is like a beautiful gift everyone wishes for. As much as falling in love is appealing, it can be intimidating for many others. Such type of unreasonable fear and anxiety that one would fall in love is known as Philophobia.

Pyrophobia Fear of Fire – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Have you ever been scared of fire at a barbeque or while blowing your birthday candles? Getting scared of fire is a natural instinct, but if it’s over the extreme, one can have Pyrophobia. Pyrophobia has been derived from Greek word ‘pyr’ meaning fire. This is one of the commonly occurring phobias in people, which is signified by irrational and overwhelming fear of fire. In almost all cases, the fire is non-existing or possesses no risk at all.

Zoophobia Fear of Animals – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When weekends arrived, we have all excitedly waited for a trip to the zoo at some point during our childhood. While some of us might enjoy the tantrums of animals, many others might be unimaginably afraid of them. The extreme fear and dread for animals of any kind signifies zoophobia in a person.

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as diabetes can be described as a set of metabolic syndrome in which an individual has high blood sugar. The reason for high blood sugar may be cause by insufficient insulin production or may be due to the cells of the body not acting in response to insulin or both.

Lungs Cancer Symptoms

Lungs bring in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from our body during the breathing process. The ultimate result of cancer to this organ is death. The cancer cells may grow in either part of the lungs: the windpipe, the major airway or the lungs tissue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year 7.6 million people die because of cancer worldwide.

Ornithophobia Fear of Birds – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Human beings can develop fear for almost anything. Ornithophobia is one such particular phobia where the person dreads birds extremely. It is signified by excessive discomfort and anxiety when the person is around birds, or anticipates to be faced with one. It has been derived from Greek word “Ornithos” meaning birds.

Thanatophobia Fear of Death – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

No one can escape the bitter truth that we will all die someday. It’s completely normal to be concerned of one’s well being and fear deadly or threatening situations in life. However, some people may find themselves having such a strong and intense fear of death that he/she cannot think of anything else. Such a condition is known as thanatophobia.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a nervous system disorder which makes the person to want to keep moving their legs. The disorder does not let the person suffering sleep, so it is also included in sleep disorders. Legs throb, creep and gives many other feelings to the person with the disorder. The syndrome makes the person unable to resist moving their legs mostly during night or while relaxing which can only be relieved by moving the legs so it is taken as a movement disorder too.

Miscarriage Symptoms

Miscarriage is the discharge of an under developed or lifeless infant which usually takes place in the first 12 weeks of Pregnancy. It is also known as ‘Pregnancy Loss’ or sometimes ‘Spontaneous Abortion’. For a successful Pregnancy, the mother must be very much careful about the baby. She must pass on adequate amount of nutrients to her unborn child. If she is not careful enough, it might lead her to Miscarriage.