8 Phobias That Can Blow Off Your Sex Life

Sex is a natural booster for stress. But, some stress and anxiety can damage your sex life to the extent you’ve probably never imagined. If you’re worried about this, you should definitely be reading further.

Coitophobia: Fear of Sexual Intercourse

 Fear of Sexual Intercourse

Yes, there is a phobia which is associated with extreme fear and dread of sexual intercourse itself. If you’ve been unusually uncomfortable and scared of doing the “thing” itself, you might have this fear namely Coitophobia.

Ithyphallophobia: Fear of Erections

How can sex be fun without a boner in the picture? Sadly, many people out there may actually be extremely scared of erections. Ithyphallophobia is an erratic fear of seeing, touching and even thinking about an erection. Strangely enough, not only women but, men may also suffer from fear of erections.

Medomalacuphobia: Fear of Losing an Erection

It can be a dreadful experience for men to feel nervous about their boner when the scene is set, and you’re on your way. While all men may feel a little worried of this at some point, there are a few who might actually call the whole sex thing off due to the fear of losing an erection. This kind of irrational and exaggerated anxiety of becoming limp is Medomalacuphobia.

Eurotophobia: Fear of Female Genitals

If you want your man to see the goddess in you, but he’s been repulsive to it, then he might have this phobia. Many men can be extremely scared of seeing, touching and thinking about female genitals. This is known as Eurotophobia. An eurotophobic person can completely leave a female counterpart stranded during the foreplay.

Erotophobia: Fear of Everything Associated with Sex

 Fear of Everything Associated with Sex

Some people can be erotophobic i.e. fearful of everything related with sex. These can be major sexual activities, sexual discussions, sexual knowledge and even thinking about sex. The sadder part of this is, the person may actually be willing to take his/her sex life forward, but not pass through this unbearable phobia.

Gymnophobia: Fear of Nudity

Several people may stay away from intercourse to avoid being naked. Yes! You read it right. Gymnophobia is one such kind of bizarre fear of being, touching and seeing someone else or oneself naked. The fear of nudity may go unnoticed, but affect many.

Parthenophobia: Fear of Virgins/Young females

 Fear of Virgins/Young females

You probably avoid churches and convents if you have this strange phobia. Parthenophobia is an intense fear of coming across virgins or young females. What’s more difficult is you probably can’t know who’s virgin and who’d not just like that. A parthenophobic person may completely avoid from young females as a result. Well, dating an older woman has become quite a trend after all.

Malaxophobia: Fear of Sexual Foreplay

 Fear of Sexual Foreplay

The fantasy of sex comes with the foreplay. Most people especially female expects a beautiful foreplay during the lovemaking. But, what if someone is scared of fondling? Such kind of unusual dread of sexual foreplay is Malaxophobia. It can be quite depressing for your partner, if you have one.

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