Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Feeling anxious and worried during difficult times is a common occurrence. You might feel tensed and fearful during tough events like exams, job interviews, health tests or some sort of public affairs. However, persistent and excessive fear means you’re having an anxiety disorder, and not just normal anxiety. This disorder is followed by irrelevant fright for things with no logical reasoning.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorder is characterized by intense fear and worry, which disrupts your everyday life. These are the following types of anxiety disorders you should be aware of:

7 do’s and don’ts for Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is an ordinary eye problem which can be easily treated following a few easy safety measures. It is an inflammation of the slight, plain layering of the white part of the eye as well as the inner layer of the eyelids. Though it causes no hazards to eyes, it is quite annoying and gets cured in around 10 days.