Substance or medication induced Anxiety Disorder – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

This is the type of anxiety disorder which is backed by intake or withdrawal from strong drugs or medications. In this anxiety disorder, the person shows persistent and severe signs of fear, nervousness and anxiety. However, this anxiety comes out forcibly as a consequence of consumption of harmful drugs, alcohol and even caffeine. If the disorder is a result of substance intoxication, the symptoms would last till the time period of use.

Causes of Body Pain

Body pain, be it constant or infrequent, makes you uncomfortable – bringing your life and work to a halt. Body pain may include muscles or joints pain. Muscle pains are also referred as myalgia which is extremely common. And, this is the outcome of too much tension, stress or physical activities. Joint pain may be caused because of damage to the joints from injury and can be really painful.

Causes of Dysmennorhea (Menstrual Cramps)

Dysmenorrhea is that painful cramps that may occur during the menstrual cycle.The symptoms of dysmenorrhoea are – pain in the abdomen which can be serious some time and women can feel aches in the hips, inner thighs and lower back. Plus, during severe cramps one may get upset stomach, loose stools, and vomiting, Home remedies methods … Read more

Home Remedies for Dysmenorrhoea

The continuous cramping pain during menstrual periods turns out to be really annoying. Mayo Clinic, Minnesota shares that uterus contraction during the menstrual periods causes pain during the periods. Prostaglandins, a type of hormone triggers muscle contractions in uterus during the menstrual cycle. Around nine out of 10 women experience menstrual cramps. Knowledge about the causes … Read more

Panic Disorder – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Whenever we come across a fearful and stressful incident, we panic. This is an immediate reflex action of our body against the incident. Eventually, the fear subsides after the situation becomes normal. However, if the panic attacks occur constantly and unexpectedly for a longer time period, without any reasonable cause or situation, it can be termed as Panic Disorder.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

This is a severe kind of anxiety disorder where a person repeatedly performs certain tasks, and believes that fulfilling these can help eliminating their fear or anxiety. If a person has OCD, he/she develops impulses and obsessions with particular fears like getting infected by germs, or leaving the gas on and other such things. The worrying thoughts circle around the person’s mind, and lead them to do certain works compulsorily.

10 Home Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis refers to the inflaming of stomach lining referred as gastric mucosa. It is actually the outcome of a disturbance in the gastric juices formed by the gastric mucosa. Gastritis troubles the stomach walls by disturbing the inside layer of the stomach. Yet, there are other kinds of gastritis that makes irritation below the stomach lining because of anemia or bacteria which are likely to grow into ulcers (open sores on the stomach lining).

6 Solutions to Get Rid of Swollen Gums

A common problem, swollen gums can crop up due to the range of reasons. It may be also accompanied by bleeding as well as bad breath along with the swelling which really makes you feel uncomfortable especially while eating.

Home Remedies for Reducing Migraine

A migraine is a badly hurting headache, regularly occurs on one part of the head that is triggered by environment, hormones, stress, and several many other reasons. Statistically, it occurs more often in women- approximately 75% women have it. Migraine is an extraordinarily common illness that causes extensive pain and the person becomes incapable to do … Read more